• Interactive problem solving

    Interactive problem solving

    I found this piece floating around the office last week, which brought back a flood of memories from my early days in the agency world. In 2007, clients began asking for solutions that prompted more interactivity with customers. Digital solutions were still a novelty then, so we explored novel print ideas.

    This project focused on the struggle that dogs and cats have with weight gain, and the complex and competing diet and lifestyle information that owners face in making healthy choices for their pets. Our challenge was to give veterinarians and pet owners a quick, easy-to-understand tool to help them visualize how body shape relates to health and fitness. (The flip side had a similar chart for cats.)

    The slider concept came to me one day while fiddling with a slide rule at home, and we crafted an early three-piece prototype that used channels for the sliding element. Our printing partner came back with diecut channels that simplified assembly, lowered costs and was more durable. That experience alone was a great learning moment because I better understood the value of hiring wise partners.

    What made me happy about finding this piece is that it still works (no batteries, software or WiFi needed), and the message is as true today as it was eight years ago.