• Immersion


    I got pulled in this week to help concept for a new client. Few things excite me more, especially when I know nothing about the company or their products.

    Immersion is my process, and this is what it looks like after two days of work.

    Our ACD and another AD are on the project, too, and it’s interesting to see how differently each of us works. They launched into logo and typography, but I can’t even begin that stage without research, moodboards and Post-It notes. This helps me create stories and uncover patterns and relationships that form a strong foundation to build from. Firm ground is essential or nothing makes sense to me.

    This process also allows me to arrange and rearrange the notes and photos. And when I’m talking through ideas with a larger group, which will happen next week with the creative director and account team, it’s more dynamic because I can write their ideas down and add them to the wall. As I develop sketches and get into the design stage, that work is pinned up on top of or next to the moodboards, which creates a literal foundation that is easy to see and understand, even if a stranger walked in and saw the board for the first time.

    If it’s done right, theres never enough wall space to contain the ideas.