ENERGY | Renewables campaign Part 2


Westar Energy is the electric utility for eastern Kansas. Since 2013, I have helped lead a repositioning of the company and a revision of their brand identity across all channels.


Following Westar’s 2015 emphasis on its core values told through the eyes of similarly defined Kansans, we narrowed the focus in 2016 to the utility company’s renewable energy development. This commitment largely is unknown to Kansans, so awareness and education were obvious drivers. We proposed a continued series of short films about Westar’s efforts by showing the effect on real people.


We worked with Westar's in-house videographer to produce a video specifically about Westar's growing investment in solar energy in Summer 2016. To wrap up the campaign, we took a zoomed-out approach and created one 60-second spot that told Westar's comprehensive renewable energy story and another 60-second spot that focused on the human effects through jobs and opportunities. The wind farm near Spearville began construction in June 2016, and we were able to build our image library with dramatic construction shots when we revisited in September.

The campaign launched in October 2016 and includes online display advertising, and extensive promotion and engagement through Westar’s social media channels.

Awards // Chartwell Gold Medal, Best Practices, Communication Category, 2016
ESource, Best Digital Streaming Content, 2017

Art direction & design // Chris Ralston    Writer // Kevin Faddis   
Account direction
// Jeff Daniels    Internal producer // Jon Hardesty   
Filmmaker // Austin Walsh Studios    Video and sound editing // 19 Below, Sky Recording