CONSTRUCTION | Branding & strategy


In late 2013, we began a comprehensive study of PROSOCO, a national manufacturer of products for cleaning, protecting and maintaining concrete; making buildings air- and water-tight; and cleaning, protecting and restoring new and existing masonry buildings.


Months of qualitative research confirmed that the company's emphasis on exceptional customer service was working. Architects, contractors and distributors across the country not only trusted PROSOCO’s products, they actively endorsed them. We used that foundation to help PROSOCO erect a top-to-bottom refresh of the entire organization. In their eyes, it was a rebirth, not just a rebrand.

We began with a detailed strategic recommendation that included each product division. Because their sub-brands had significant equity and recognition, we were challenged to breathe new life into the parent brand without diluting the success of the sub-brands. We also developed a communication strategy that focused specifically on language, transparency and the strong relationships that the company had built during the years.


All of this infused the creation of the new visual identity, which borrows elements from PROSOCO’s rich history—the letter “P,” the color orange and its connection with the building industry. But the key conceptual element is the fact that PROSOCO stands behind its customers, often solving problems with them in the field. The new identity mark began with two “P” shapes that also resembled heads in profile. When overlapped and connected, they become structural, dimensional and transparent. (See "A go-bag for client presentations" for the lesson that led to this solution.)

The modular visual language informed development of the sub-brand identities, which were reborn with color palettes that better distinguished them from their competitors. Because these products have the greatest impact on pallets at job sites or on the back of trucks, all packaging containers now are orange for enhanced recognition. The product labels have a more clear hierarchy of information and QR codes that link to application and safety instructions for contractors who these days rely more and more on their smartphones.

Our work extended to a new website that allows customers to better source PROSOCO's deep product lines. We also helped the company develop a bold new footprint at trade shows across the country in 2015 that is inspired by the transparent orange shapes in the new identity.

Art direction and design // Chris Ralston
// John Carlton
Account direction // Sarah Miller and Isabel Manalo
Web design and development // Derek Dighton