APPAREL | Branding


In 2012, Sunflower Outdoor & Bike in downtown Lawrence, Kansas, celebrated its 40th anniversary, nearly all of it spent in the same location on Massachusetts Street. The shop is a full-service bicycle and outdoor outfitter serving a loyal group of local and area customers.


Sunflower owner Dan Hughes asked me to create a unique cycling kit to celebrate the store’s anniversary, which would be sold and worn throughout the year. Graphics also would be used to create a range of accessories like spirit apparel, water bottles and stickers.


After initial concepting, I presented Dan with the idea of doing a commemorative set instead. I developed a series of four jerseys, one representing each decade in Sunflower’s rich history, and one pair of bib shorts that would match each one.

The jerseys feature a colorway for each decade: Olive drab for 1972 when the shop was called Sunflower Surplus; yellow for 1982 when Greg LeMond won his first Tour de France and for a team that Sunflower sponsored at the time; red for 1992 when Sunflower suffered a fire in 1997; and blue for 2002 for the decade when Dan and Karla Hughes took ownership.

The kit has been a distinctive favorite among riders on the roads around Lawrence, and sales were expanded nationwide through Sunflower’s e-commerce site. 

Art direction, design and production // Chris Ralston

Photos courtesy of Sunflower Outdoor & Bike