In 2010, Callahan Creek was a marketing agency for specialty brands. Through research and analytics, it uncovered core human truths that help create brand advocates who evangelize on the client’s behalf.
I led a lengthy rebranding project that included revision of the agency logo, a complete website overhaul, stationery package, custom journals, interior enhancements, signage, collateral, presentation materials and a sub-brand called Make Amazing that became an internal rallying cry for excellence.
Although the previous logo had no conceptual basis, leadership did not want to dramatically alter it. So attention was shifted to improving readability and ownability of the word mark, reducing the color palette, removing extraneous elements that diluted the brand and building a physical and digital architecture that organized content and presented a more professional face to potential clients.
A new typeface (Seravek) was chosen to better capture the voice of the agency and solve readability problems at smaller sizes. The ascenders were customized to mimic angles in office architecture, and the color palette was reduced to red, black and yellow, which also were inspired by existing colors in the building space. The “twin moon” logo was enclosed in a circle to strengthen its impact and readability, particularly when used as a standalone element.
Select interior walls were repainted in red and dark gray, and conference rooms were rebranded with conceptual and structural pieces that aligned with the “Make Amazing” mantra. I developed a hand-drawn typeface for Make Amazing that was embossed on staff notebooks, used in physical and digital signage and featured in client presentation materials.
The driving idea behind the website redesign was order and structure that better highlighted content. Home page elements were reduced to three key features (work, insights and social feeds) and navigation was streamlined and included better search functionality. I also directed new photography for messaging, staff bios and work case studies.

Awards // AIGA-Kansas City Professional Award, AAF Kansas City Silver ADDY
Art direction, design and hand-drawn type // Chris Ralston

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