Traditionally, agencies send food or alcohol to clients during the holidays. We were tired of that routine and pushed ourselves to do something more in the spirit of the season.
Although supporting a local charity during the holidays is commonplace, we decided to create a one-to-one thread between each of our clients and a local child in need.
I developed a hand-crafted holiday announcement that simply presented every client with a picture of the specific brand-new coat that was donated in their name. The engaging story unfolded with a photo of the coat hand-stitched on soft fabric to communicate the true warmth of the season. The coats were delivered to Ballard Center of Lawrence, and 105 children were let loose to pick the coat that resonated best with them. It was a warm success—for giver and receiver.
Art direction & design // Chris Ralston     Lettering // Chris Ralston, Christina Fountain
Writer // Kevin Faddis     Sewing // Maria Behnen    Photography // Jon Hardesty     
Printing // Two Tone Press

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