The Admissions team at Johnson County Community College uses a range of tactics to expand awareness and drive student enrollment. One suite of tools includes print materials handed out in-person at events and meetings, featuring a comprehensive JCCC Viewbook, a folder with targeted inserts, banners, cards and swag. Other channels include seasonal direct mail campaigns, outdoor advertising, bus wraps and digital marketing.
As the College emerged from the covid-19 pandemic, there was a distinct need to refresh marketing materials and align with the changing educational landscape.
In 2021, I refocused external communication on students, primarily using images of those who were inspired, determined, active and engaged. Teamed with my writing teammate, we also developed a spreadsheet of headline and copy combinations that became a valuable resource for admissions campaigns year-to-year.
Art direction & design // Chris Ralston    Writer // Kristi Stanley    Photography // Susan McSpadden    Printing // JCCC Printing Services

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