Westar Energy was the electric utility for eastern Kansas. Beginning in 2013, I led a repositioning of the company and a revision of its brand identity across all channels.
Instead of producing a traditional TV spot for Westar Energy’s 2015 values campaign, we presented an unorthodox approach. We encouraged Westar to not talk about itself, but to shine the spotlight on others in Kansas who share their values. We proposed a series of short films about people who, like Westar, are working to push Kansas forward.
We quickly found several stories worth telling—a community conditioning program run without profit by a former athletic trainer in Lawrence; a fifth-generation rancher in the Flint Hills who has helped bring awareness to the tallgrass prairie and ranching heritage; and the tireless efforts of the citizens of Greensburg who rebuilt their town as the first fully sustainable city in the world in the wake a devastating EF5 tornado in 2007.
The campaign launched in February 2015 with two TV spots that drove viewers to a web site where they could watch the films. The campaign also included online display advertising, newspaper print ads in major Kansas markets and extensive promotion and engagement through Westar’s social media channels.
Because these stories are about Kansans, we insisted that everyone involved in the production be Kansans, too. Filmmakers, directors, producers, crew and musicians all live and work in the state. The music tracks were original scores.
Additionally, we created cards for employees' lanyards that unfolded to remind them of the company values and positioning.
Creative direction // Stefan Mumaw    Art direction & design // Chris Ralston    
Writer // Kevin Faddis    Account direction // Jeff Daniels    Research // Kent Stones    
Internal producer // Jon Hardesty    External producer // Bark Productions    
Video editing // 19 Below    Filmmakers // The Hadley Group, Intake Studios, Rockhouse Motion

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