Grundfos is a Danish manufacturer of high-quality industrial and residential pump systems.
In 2008, Grundfos put an emphasis on its residential hot water recirculation units in the US. The systems keep water continuously circulating so that water is less likely to cool while sitting in pipes waiting to be activated by a faucet. We were challenged with creating a unique solution that told a conservation story in an engaging way.
I developed a novel direct mail piece targeted at consumers that helped them understand how much water they wasted each day, week and month while waiting for hot water at the tap. The folded self-mailer included a plastic bag that the home owner could fill each time they turned on the faucet, which created a tangible representation of the estimated 11,000 gallons of water that consumers waste each year. This piece especially helped awareness in states like Arizona and Texas, where water is a more precious resource because of drought.
Art direction and design // Chris Ralston

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