In mid-2014, the elite riders of GP VeloTek made plans to form their own squad with Olathe Subaru as a new title sponsor for 2015. VeloTek’s leadership successfully lobbied for them to remain affiliated because the teams would be stronger together than apart and could share developmental and promotional resources.
Design a team kit that gave the team its own identity and satisfied Olathe Subaru, which wanted to see some bang for their buck as a first-time cycling sponsor.
The goal was to give the team a visual relationship to VeloTek, yet still stand out among their competitors at the elite level as they raced around the country in 2015. The result, which features a monochromatic palette and retention of the striped pattern that has become VeloTek’s most identifiable graphic, inspired the team, impressed the sponsor and extended the VeloTek family.
Art direction, design and production // Chris Ralston    
Photographers // Chris Ralston, David Tjiptogarsono of Wirken Photography, Lindsey Meyers and Ethan Glading

We had multiple teams give us compliments on our kit design, and one team that travels nationally said they were the best-looking kits they had ever seen.
Michael ALLISON, Olathe Subaru Racing

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