In partnership with Deutsch Design Works and Meoli Digital, I directed a multi-location photoshoot in St. Louis, Florida, Northern California and Oregon for Sprint to build a library of “green” imagery that was used in their series of Planet packaging.
Sprint wanted an exclusive, original library of images to avoid reliance on stock photography. Because of budget breakdowns, DDW owned the creative concept for the packaging project, and Callahan Creek managed, planned and directed the photoshoots.
The project kicked off in early winter, which made shooting anything green a challenge. But we leveraged Meoli Digital’s access to Florida locations and captured the first part of the library there with supplemental images created in studio in St. Louis.
The second phase was shot six months later in Northern California with DDW’s creative lead directing, and I traveled to Oregon to manage that shoot. Locations were scouted in advance and photographers captured anything that caught our collective eye instead of working from a specific shot list. It was an unusual approach, but it paid off.
Despite the duplication of art directors and account managers, the partnership and, more importantly, the work went smoothly, and the client was very pleased. My relationship with Meoli Digital and the years I spent living in Oregon made the project more of a vacation with friends than work.
And that’s the best kind of project.
Art direction // Chris Ralston and Eric Pino (DDW)    Producer // Jon Hardesty   
Photographer // Rick Meoli    Scout // Mitch Burrmeister

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