Farmer Fin is an 11-year-old farmer in Oskaloosa, Kansas. When she began raising her own chickens and selling eggs under her dad's Sweetlove Farm brand at the Lawrence Farmers' Market in 2017, she inquired about creating her own brand.
I treat all of my clients with the same respect and consideration. Fin was no different. We had an initial business meeting, set the parameters for the project and brainstormed ideas in a single session. In exchange for eggs, I promised to deliver a logo mark with rationale that could be made into a rubber stamp for her egg cartons and a graphic for a T-shirt that she could wear at the market and around town as she grew her business.
"You know, Ralston, I love rainbows." That's not an unusual thing for an 11-year-old girl to say, but in the context of her quonset hut-shaped chicken coops, I zeroed-in on the connection. The rainbow bands in the logo mark mimic the trusses in the coops that she and her dad use at Sweetlove Farm. In the stamp, the bands are open so that she and her younger brother can color them in with pastel or marker while waiting for buyers at the market. This bit of personalization—and the space below that allows her sign each carton—confirms the "raised by hand" nature of her business.
Art direction and design // Chris Ralston

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